What to do when you have the itchy feet travel bug during lock-down

Anyone else like me with the itchy feet urge to travel so bad that it’s beginning to hurt already? Here’s what to do.

We are on Day 13 of Corona Virus lock-down here in Scotland. And as they say us humans always want that which we cannot have! I can’t lie. As a travel planner and tour leader I am desperate to be doing what I do at this time of year. It’s the start of what up to now has generally been considered Scotland’s main tourism season.

I yearn to be taking first time and repeat international visitors around the country helping them to uncover Scotland’s true collage of gastronomic flavours, perhaps cooked themselves in one of our culinary masterclasses. Or trying a ‘first time dish’ created by one of our local chefs; perhaps paired with our national drink, Scotch Whisky….or a gin from any one of our now 90 gin distilleries, a craft beer from an ever increasing number of brewers or hell even a softie! After a day of gastro adventures to say goodnight to our guests until the morning, confident that the hotel or guest house will take over attending to their every need. It’s what I do.

I’m desperate to bring fellow residents of Scotland to discover a hidden artisan food or drink producer or a restaurant or off-the-beaten track culinary gem that was sitting quietly on their doorstep patiently awaiting their arrival.

As a travel planner it’s the pure joy in helping create everything from bucket list trip memories to honeymoon celebratory moments. From just the seed of an idea in a surprise retirement tour for a loved one or a once in a decade family gathering. It’s international friends getting together and saying it’s been too long. Or work colleagues coming together to work and play. It’s thanking people for a job well done. The pure joy of watching memories being made.

Alas, we can’t travel for now but we can take a journey through past experiences and be grateful for them. And we can dream for a myriad of future adventures. So why not indeed – let’s dream. And let’s dream BIG!

When the Corona Virus has packed its suitcase and gone into its own version of lock-down and Scotland is back to something more akin to normal, I for one will take great pleasure in dusting off my travelling shoes.

If you are dreaming of a trip in Scotland, later in the year or in 2021 or got a special occasion coming up and need some inspiration I’m here. Just ask. In the meantime, stay safe and enjoy the ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’ video just released today from the team at VisitScotland.


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